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Statue Of Union Of Estonian Emergency Medical Services

I. General Provisions

1. Official name of Organization is: Eesti Kiirabi Liit; in English: Union of Estonian Emergency Medical Services. Abbreviation: EKL
2. The Headquarters is in Tartu, Riia St.18; 51010 Tartu
3. The time of foundation of EKL: November 14, 1992.
4. EKL is a voluntary non-profit association.
The members of EKL can be:
4.1. all structures giving prehospital extraordinary medical aid, individuals with the same type of occupation.
4.2. members of other speciality associations
5. The general purpose of EKL is:
5.1. to determine the rights and obligations of EMS organizations inside the present healthcare system; respectively participate in working out the strategy and tactics and directing the development processes
5.2. to represent the interests and of EMS and other structures giving prehospital extraordinary medical aid in healthcare establishments, different ministries, courts, certifying commissions etc.
5.3. to participate in training and certifying systems of prehospital medical aid
5.4. to participate in training systems for population to teach first aid
5.5. to participate in working out special documents and criteria for working conditions
6. To reach the purpose EKL:
6.1. unites representatives of different specialities connected with giving prehospital medical aid, organizes their practical work, training, solves organizatory questions
6.2. organizes meetings, conferences, other mass events
6.3. co-operates in equal conditions with other societies, unions, organizations, scientific establishments in Estonia and foreign countries
6.4. compiles, edits and publishes materials, collections, instructions etc.
6.5. participates in the work of different certifying commissions; organizes if necessary an expert commission inside EKL
6.6. participates in working out of the training system and organizing the work of it.
7. EKL is a legal person; EKL has following rights:
7.1. to own a bank account and a seal
7.2. to make contracts with legal and private persons
7.3. to give financial support, prizes, grants
7.4. to own real estate
7.5. to participate in presenting candidates for certifying and internship
7.6. to use EKL symbols

II The rights and obligations of EKL members

8. Full members and supporter members
8.1. Full members of EKL can be private and legal persons giving prehospital extraordinary medical aid and persons connected with it.
8.2. Supporter members of EKL can be private and legal persons who support
EKL financially or in other ways.
8.3. The actions of EKL members are directed by the Statute of EKL.
8.4. To join EKL an application must be written. One can become a full member of EKL after the positive decision of the board.
8.5. The joining of a supporter member is also confirmed by the board after writing an application.
8.6. An EKL member (private person) can elect and be elected into leading organs of EKL.
8.7. An EKL member can resign the organization
-because of his own will writing an application. The decision is done by the board.
-because of the proposal of the board-by the decision of the General Assembly.

III Structure and Management

9. EKL is led by the General Assembly, during the time between-by the board.
10. EKL works by the Statute, accepted in General Assembly.
11. The General Assembly must be held minimum once a year. Delegates are sent to the Assembly as following-one delegate per 10 members or one EMS ambulance unit.
11.1. Problems to solve during the General Assembly are set up by the board after proposals of members.
11.2. The decisions of the General Assembly take effect and are legal only then when minimum 50% of authorized persons have taken part in voting.
11.3. The General Assembly has right to replace excluded members of the board till the next ordinary elections.
12. The reporting meeting held once a year.
12.1. The reporting-electing meeting of EMS listens and confirms the reports and plans of the board and inspecting commission.
12.2. The General Assembly elects the board and the inspecting commission for 3 years. The board elects the Chairman (the President) also for 3 years. The board consists of 10 EKL members, the Chairman of the board has got right of the decisive voice goes
to Vice Chairman (Vice President). Financial operations of the board are inspected minimum once a year by the inspecting commission.
12.3. The General Assembly confirms the amount and paying order of membership fee.
13. EKL Board
13.1. Leads the work of EKL between General Assemblies according to the Statute and decisions of the last General Assembly.
13.2. Compiles work program, budget, financial and action reports.
13.3. Uses money, administers the properties of EKL, awards grants and financial supports.
13.4. Undersigns contracts, holds financial operations, develops economic activities.
13.5. Prepares and calls together ordinary and extraordinary meetings of EKL.
13.6. The board is decisive when min.60% of its members are taking part (incl. President or Vice President). The decisions are made using simple majority of voices.
13.7. Meetings of the board are held at least 4 times a year, they are called together by The President or Vice President of the board.
13.8. The board makes proposals for changes or additions in the Statute. They are confirmed by General Assembly.
14. Financial basis of EKL consists of:
14.1. entrance fees - 300 EEK per EMS unit or 30 EEK per person
14.2. membership fees 1000 EEK per EMS unit per year or 70 EEK per person per year
14.3. incomes from a single payments, supports, different funds
14.4. incomes from selling emblems, badges etc; printed materials, training and informative literature, other economic activities
14.5. special services, organizing training courses, lectures etc.
14.6. all finances are kept on bank account, the money is used to fulfil tasks coming from the Statute
15. Inspecting commission of EKL
15.1. Inspecting commission is elected by General Assembly for three years (3 members) the Chairman of the commission is elected by members of the commission.
15.2. Inspecting commission has to check financial operations of the board and accounting.
15.3. Inspecting commission is having an overview of financial operations, gives necessary information to the Tax Department. Inspects paying of state and local taxes.

IV Finishing of the activities of EKL

16. The activities of EKL are finished by the decision of General Assembly
17. The properties of EKL are realized by the decision of the board.
 Eesti Kiirabi Liit, Riia 18, 51010 Tartu, EE672200221005141882